My Approach

A process for better results

The creative process is not linear, but a little structure and a few planning steps make life easier. These steps are generally how I approach a new project. How quickly we move through these steps depends on scope, budget and timing. My approach is simple — let’s just get the work done.

The first step with any new client is to lead an intake session so I can truly understand their business, marketing objectives, challenges, brand, budget, timeline, stakeholders and other critical pieces of information. The end result of this phase is a specific project goal that is actionable and attainable.

In this phase, I research current market factors, target audience behavior, industry trends and competitive creative. Then I’ll create a go-to-market plan designed to be efficient, effective and within budget.

The stronger the foundation, the better the creative. That’s why I work closely with my clients to develop a comprehensive creative brief that includes key communication objectives, messaging, calls to action and critical support points. This step is most successful when done in collaboration with client stakeholders.

With a solid creative brief in hand, I’ll collaborate with copywriters and developers whenever needed to develop a range of outstanding creative solutions designed for results. These will vary in tonality, messaging, look and feel but all will align with goals and strategy as agreed upon in the brief.

Once a creative concept is chosen, I’ll work with the client through a feedback loop to complete the creative cycle and finalize all content and art. At the end of this phase, all creative assets will be delivered in a flawless, ready-for-market format.

With the goal of continuous improvement, I’ll work with the client to gather and interpret data, analyze project results and devise a plan for creative refinement. This way, we can ensure we learn from and respond to real-world validation of our creative executions.

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